Our Foundations

IDSolves was co-founded by Stephen Loughrey and Philip Adams, both experienced business and technology professionals.


Since its creation, IDSolves has experienced rapid growth providing expertise for some of the world’s top organisations. The company's core philosophy is the belief that exemplary technical standards and processes produce exemplary performance by not only delivering the support you need, but by nurturing a pragmatic, approach to business change. ​


The key to our success is a straightforward, transparent approach; experience of unrivaled depth; and the development of brilliant people. The level of repeat business and ongoing long-term assignments is testament to the quality of service IDSolves provides.


Our Mission

ID is your trusted source for Information Security and Privacy Risk advice, compliance and education. Our mission is to mitigate information security and privacy risks by keeping business, personal and client data safe.


Our Values

  • Be innovative. Think differently.
  • Many brains are better than one.
  • Energy and passion always lead to action.


Executive Team

CEO & Co-Founder,  Stephen Loughrey

Stephen has enjoyed huge success in business development – from a small, local firm with ten team members to a globally-respected company with more than 250 employees around the world. ID is a secure and reliable solutions partner.

SVP & Co-Founder,  Philip Adams

IDSolve's chief evangelist, Philip’s experience embraces more than three decades of digital technology culture transition, management of change and regulatory compliance for a wide range of international organisations including: global media, international airlines and government. Philip is a professional Data Privacy Practitioner.

Compliance Director,  Mick Williams

Mick’s experience includes multiple industry sectors including aviation. As Compliance Director, Mick, is a seasoned engineering professional embracing Cyber Security, Data Security, Networks, Cloud technologies and Data Privacy. Mick is an accredited Data Privacy Practitioner.

Director Legal Affairs, Akanksha Choubey

Akanksha is a Legal Director with an outstanding track record in International Aviation, Transportation, Supply Chain, Digital Copyright and Data Privacy. In addition to Corporate Commercial Law, Akanksha has been at the forefront of the legal response towards growing Cyber Security threats and Data Privacy regulatory compliance.

Business Director MENA, Yasmine Bohsali

Yasmine is a specialist in international retail, digital retail services, transition and regulatory compliance. With extensive experience from one of the world's largest retail networks, Yasmine shares an unrelenting commitment for proactive communication.

IDSolves Experts

Mattia Gaggi, Senior Data Scientist

Mattia leads our Data Science and Machine Learning Solutions. His expertise includes Analytics and Visualisation as well as Deep Mind, Python, R, Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning (Google DeepMind), Probabilistic and Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning, Statistical Models and Data Analysis, Machine Vision, Inverse Problems in Imaging, Applied ML (Azure).


Rajeev Patel, Banking and Transition

Rajeev has significant international experience in designing and delivering enterprise wide business, process and technology led transformation initiatives. His experience includes consumer banking, change management, business strategy, project/ program management, product development, product management and IT system implementations & upgrades.