Is Your Organisation Millennial Fit?

From smartphones to new digital services, Digital Transformation is on every boardroom agenda. The problem is that ‘Digital Transformation’ means different things to different people. True Digital Transformation is not only about technology, it’s about getting your entire organisation to respond successfully to all change. It is about getting your organisation Millennial Fit for the digital generation. Is your organisation adapting to the challenges and disruptions of the digital marketplace? Does it have the agility, core strength and endurance to win?


Your IDSolves Fitness Plan

Improving your fitness takes commitment. Sign-up to a gym and your Personal Trainer will develop a programme that's unique to you. She will create an achievable plan that will improve your fitness and core strength, overtime, with regular exercise and a healthy diet. PTs know generic approaches to fitness don't work. They also know that 'shock change' doesn't produce lasting results. PTs are also aware that how what you think, determines what you are and what you will be become.


Like You, Your Business is Unique

Organisations are similar to individuals. They have physical and psychological characteristics. They have 'personalities'. And, as with individuals, organisations require a fitness plan that reflects their unique characteristics. IDSolves achieves this through steady, persistent expert support consisting of iterative, achievable steps backed by an accurate understanding of your organisation's physical condition and personality type.


ID Fitness

A successful fitness plan is a life-changing plan. It is truly transformational. That's why we believe true Digital Fitness Transformation should only happen once.

In addition to caution and commitment, our approach is a systematic, deeply researched and tested path. It is a collaborative approach that accounts for your legacy, your unique market offering, your people and culture. It leverages your existing assets and talent base, instilling confidence and motivation within your existing workforce. It also takes advantage of the latest Machine Learning platforms to leverage your best performance.

'The IDSolves approach is both quantitative and qualitative. It includes a comprehensive, multifactor analysis that captures the personality traits of your organisation. IDSolves ensures you leverage the maximum performance from your organisation. We unfreeze, transform and consolidate, leaving your organisation fit for the challenges of the digital market.'

Aligning Perceptions

We each have different perceptions of the 'truth' - how we interpret the world around us. This is as true in business as it is in life.

Our approach not only captures multiple internal and external perceptions but compares your organisation's personality-type to a success profile. The analysis includes a  review of your organisation's Digital Perspective - how your organisation is perceived within the digital landscape.

In addition to observation, questionnaires, team conversations and interviews, we use Data Analytics and Machine Learning technologies, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, to capture other key information. Once the various perceptions and characteristics are understood and mapped, we collaborate with you to develop an Action Plan for Change. The plan is then monitored and measured against Key Performance Indicators to ensure it stays on track and meets your expectations.


Core Elements

  • Change fitness and perspectives analysis
  • Comparative modelling and gap analysis
  • An evidence-based Change Action Plan
  • Iterative and controlled implementation
  • Qualitative and quantitative KPIs that measure progress
  • Continuous monitoring


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