Business Intelligence

It is vital that you understand what is taking place in your organisation and how it is performing. Visible Business Intelligence (BI) ensures that your executives stay up-to-date on governance and control ensuring compliance, risk mitigation and competitiveness.

Performance BI provides both business intelligence and business analytics. We transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. Our services include:

  • Access and analysis of data sets
  • Data mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Data visualisation
  • Descriptive and predictive understanding

Risk and Security BI

Information leaks and breaches, non regulatory compliance, rights' infringements, theft and fraud, allegations of misconduct and wrongdoing all pose serious risks to companies and their executives - damaging their reputation, disrupting their business operations and exposing them to scrutiny, as well as to potential criminal, civil and regulatory liability.'s independent investigative services and expertise have helped clients successfully resolve investigations and disruptions promptly with minimal impact.


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