Protecting your organisation against external and internal threats is an increasingly complex activity.  As the volume and sophistication of attacks are on the rise, your security technology must continuously stay ahead. ID CLOUD SECURE is an advanced, cloud-based next-generation firewall that provides your business with multiple levels of security, application-level inspection and a range of service options designed to suit your needs.

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Secure Your Entire Organisation

In collaboration with our Solutions' Partner,  Intercity Technology, ID CLOUD SECURE secures your entire business, from your corporate network to the public cloud and your public internet. All the while being monitored 24×7 from an INFORMATION SECURITY OPERATIONS CENTRE (ISOC). We use enterprise-grade devices and applications hosted from UK-based Tier 3 data centres with 99.99% service availability. These data centres provide both traditional and next-generation inner and outer firewall protection, including email filtering, web filtering, Sandbox and remote access.

With so many devices connecting to your business network, there’s more exposure than ever to security threats.  ID CLOUD SECURE gives you peace of mind that your entire business perimeter is protected. Rather than maintaining your own security measures, we relieve you of the headache of safeguarding your organisation’s information, applications and data.



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