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The world and how we do business is changing. New scientific and technological advances are transforming how we live and work. But they are also disrupting established business models, industries and working practices as well as skills, societies and communities. Many of the changes are positive. However, they are also producing their own worrying problems and concerns. That's why governance, risk and compliance have never been more important.

IDSolves specialists not only get the 'bigger picture' but understand the powerful forces behind today's changes as well as the strategic and operational steps organisations should take to pilot their way through an uncertain and unpredictable environment.

IDSolves governance, risk and compliance solutions are applicable in many industry sectors including:

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Automation - AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and Robotics
From autonomous vehicles to profiling and automated decision-making, such technologies are a double-edged sword. They may be starting to improve our lives in many ways but they are also giving rise to serious business concerns such as threats to life, privacy violations, discrimination, and information manipulation. Our experience includes recovering sensitive and important projects that could be contravening regulatory compliance. Our AI Risk Team can assist with:

  • Identifying the risks associated with AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and Robotics
  • The introduction of enterprise-wide controls
  • Achieving regulatory compliance and certification for AI, autonomous vehicles and robotics

Geo Engineering, Renewable Energy and Environmental Risk
Choked by pollution, our environment is rapidly deteriorating. Many hope technology will 'save the world' while others work to persuade us to reduce pollutants in the workplace and the home. Today, businesses are being forced to respond to  environmental extremities such as floods and fire as well as increasing pollution controls. We can assist with

  • Environmental risk and resilience
  • Sustainability
  • Certification and compliance

Aviation and Ground Transportation
Ground transportation and aviation have become the 'workhorse' of the new economy transporting billions of passengers and cargo around the world every day. Yet participants face fierce competition as well as other business challenges such as financing, security, compliance and supply chain management as well as growing demands from travelers for more and better services. IDSolves has deep experience in this sector and can assist with:

  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Information Security Privacy regulatory compliance
  • Business transformation
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Financial Services
Re-building customer trust is a high priority for many executives. Financial scams, personal information theft, misrepresentation and misselling have had a deep impact on how 'safe and secure' customers feel when conducting business with a financial institution. Our team will determine where theft or fraud affects your organisation, and where internal controls may need to be reinforced. We deliver investigations that identify bad actors and enable clients to cut losses and re-establish trust with customers, shareholders and regulators.


Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

The European Clinical Trials Directives 2001/20/EC and 2001/83/EC require that for all Clinical Trials (CT) carried out in the EU, a sponsor or a legal representative of the sponsor must be legally registered within the European Economic Area. We offer full legal and technical representation to sponsors not established within the EU and Switzerland, as required by EU Regulation.

The GDPR also requires that a Data Protection officer (DPO) be appointed. Organisations must also abide by all applicable national/member state Clinical Trial and Data Protection regulations. And, to demonstrate compliance, organisations must also show that adequate measures and safeguards are in place - technical, legal, administrative etc. So, in addition to representation, you will require an appropriate internal Data Privacy Framework and an associated Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

ID offers legal, technical and administrative expertise for Data Privacy Frameworks, DPIAs and Policy Governance as well as EU Representation and DPO services.

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Lawyers need to keep ahead with new regulatory requirements and business practices. Our lawyers, investigators, technology experts, forensic specialists and skilled analysts work as a team to identify the salient issues and mitigate risks. We also use a suite of cutting-edge tools to determine a full assessment of insider and outsider threats.