There will almost certainly be an investigation in the aftermath of a severe breach or other high risk event.

When a breach occurs, the first few hours may be very disorientating as you seek to understand what has happened, how it occurred, where and who has been affected. But lack of resources, complacency or over familiarity with your security and privacy processes and procedures, at any level of the organisation, should never be allowed to hinder your ability to respond appropriately and effectively to any subsequent investigation. How you respond to a security or breach event - your actions, reporting process, evidence gathering and follow-up interviews etc. - also become part of the investigatory audit trail. That is why it is vital to establish and understand best practice. services include:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Internal Investigation

Our services are managed by experienced information security and privacy professionals with the highest confidentiality and sensitivity and in full collaboration with all relevant internal departments, agencies and authorities.

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